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Tony Payne  Tony Payne has been the Publishing Director for Matthias Media since it began in 1988. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College in Sydney, and is the senior editor of The Briefing magazine. Tony has written or co-written numerous ministry resources, including the Two Ways to Live gospel presentation, which he co-authored with Phillip Jensen. Some of his other published books include: Fatherhood, Islam in our Backyard, Bold I Approach, Guidance and the Voice of God, Six Steps to Reading your well as a significant number of Bible study guide books. Tony is husband to Alison and father to Gemma, Chloe, Miriam, Luke and Nicholas. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing golf and watching most forms of televised professional sport.

Praise for Payne's "The Trellis and the Vine"
"What Col and Tony have described here is exactly what I've been trying to do in my own life and in our congregation for years. According to this book, Christians are to be disciple-making disciples and pastors are to be trainers. Superb! This book sets out a crucial shift that is needed in the mindset of many pastors. The authors have carefully listened to the Bible. And they've worked on this book. The result is a book that is well-written and well- illustrated, but even more, a book that is full of biblical wisdom and practical advice. This is the best book I've read on the nature of church ministry."
--Mark Dever (Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington DC)

"God makes ministers in the midst of his church. It is in the context of the faithful local church that ministers are best taught, shaped and equipped. The Trellis and the Vine is a superb guide to preparing pastors and ministers for Christ's church. It comes from a ministry so deeply committed to the recovery of biblical truth and the cause of the gospel. The wisdom in this book is invaluable. My advice: Keep a good stack on hand at all times and put this book to good use."
--R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky)

Sample Talks
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Gospel Growth Day by Day (2007 Matthias Media Conference)